Terms & Conditions

1.Our quotation

Company have Public Liability Insurance. Your goods are covered under our insurance if our movers are negligent.

Company have the right to refuse to quote for the service for any particular reason at our discretion.

Our prices during booking confirmation are per hour rates and are charged in 30- minute increments (if there is 10 minutes extra working that will be rounded off to 30- minutes).  Prices are inclusive of GST.

Job time will start from the arrival of movers (Parking arrangements are responsibility of the customer).

If there is no parking pre-arranged any parking fines received will be the responsibility of the customer and must be paid by the customer on completion, however, driver will not park illegally and the driver may have to leave if legal parking is not provided.

Company reserves the right to add extra costs due to unforeseen circumstances (e.g. waiting for keys or gaining entry, incorrect addresses, etc.).

All prices for the services will be given over the phone and confirmation via text message.

Quote given at the booking is subject to changes depends on circumstances during the job.

2. Customer’s responsibilities

Our movers carry standard tools only if requested at the time of booking. And if any special tools are required it is the customer’s responsibility to make the arrangement.

Our movers are not qualified to carry out plumbing or electrical work, dismantling the TV etc... We recommend that a properly qualified person is called for such services.

Customer should provide us with a correct and up to date contact address and telephone number to get our services.

Please notify specifically if you

have Glass table tops


Any items larger than 3 metres in length

Any heavier items

Fragile/delicate item

We reserve the right not to move or to add extra charges for moving any of the above listed items if not mentioned at the time of booking.

Company will not be liable if the truck provided is too small for a single move and multiple moves are required. Our decisions are based on the information provided by you over the phone.

3. Charges for rescheduling/cancelling the move

Our movers will call 30 minutes before arriving and if the customer is late and movers have arrived on the site on the given time than job timings will be start from the time on which movers have arrived.

If customer wants to reschedule the move even after confirming with the driver and the movers have reached to their premises there will be fuel charges which customer have to pay.

There will be no fee if customer wants to reschedule or cancel the move between 2-6 working days.

Deposit will not be refunded if the move is due on next day.

4. Payments

Customer must pay either by cash or credit card. Customer must ensure that he have the payment available in either cash or credit card.

Company reserves the right to withhold some of your goods in the truck until the final payment has been made.

Cheques are not accepted.

In case of any dispute on the payment amount and cannot be resolved at that time, company reserves the right to refuse to unload the goods until the time full payment is made.

5. Loss/damage of goods

If our movers believe that there are safeties risks with some particular stuff than our movers might ask you to fill risk assessment form.

In lieu of repairing Goods company can compensate customer to the value of the damaged Goods prior to the damage occurring if the damage has been done by movers. If that value cannot be agreed on between us it shall be assessed by an independent value chosen between us, the cost of the value shall be borne equally.

Company is not liable for any damage done due to defective packing during loading/unloading which has been done by the customer. If the packing has been done by the movers we take responsibility if the damage.

Customer agree that company will not be held responsible or liable for goods not collected or any loss of damage goods if you or a person acting on your behalf is not present during loading/unloading of the goods.

If there is any loss/damage to customer goods that are not fully able to inspected on the same day (goods packed in boxes) that customer considers to have been caused by movers, please ensure you notify our office no later than 24 hours after completion of the job. Otherwise, company will not be responsible or reliable for any such alleged loss or damage.

The damage to the goods that are fully inspected after the job should be reported before the movers leave.

If you or someone on-site that is not one of our movers, assists with the loading or unloading of your goods into or out of our truck, you may not be covered by our insurance policies

Any internal damage to electrical appliances, glass/mirrors (not safe packing by customer), furniture made of pressed wood (not disassembled by customer) is not our liability.

For any goods which have a pre-existing defect or are inherently defective company is not liable. Movers will take photo of the damage which is pre-existing and of if any damage has been done by the movers. Photos taken by customer and movers should match for any claim.

If movers are picking any second hand item without customer’s presence at pick up address, drop-off address than liability of any damage is of customer only.

6. Damage to premises/property

If you or someone on-site that is not one of our movers, assists with the loading or unloading into or out of our truck, and then a damage has been caused to the premises, company shall not be liable for the damage and customer may not be covered by our insurance policies

If the damage has been done by the movers due to dropping, miss-handling or due to our vehicle to the premises company is liable to that damage.

7. Our right to hold the goods.

If we cannot deliver the goods either because there is no authorised person there to receive them on our arrival, or because we cannot gain access to the premises, or for any other reason beyond our control, Company will be entitled to unload the goods into a warehouse, and will be entitled to charge an additional amount for storage and for the subsequent re-delivery of the goods. If this happens, we will endeavour to contact you to ascertain whether you have any alternate instructions.

Goods held in lieu of payment. We reserve the right to seize or hold the goods and where you fail to pay any amount due, dispose of or sell goods in lieu of payment. We may dispose/sell goods in lieu of payment after a period of 28 days (28) days from the completion of the move.

8. Respect our movers.

Verbal or threatening behaviour will not be tolerated towards our movers.

 If the driver is forced to leave the job because of verbal or any other abuse from the customer; the customer will still be liable to pay in full.

Movers will respect our customers at all the time. So, we hope customers will respect all the movers and company’s policies as well.

9. Extra Charges.

Our movers carry bubble wrap and shrink wrap and offer these services as additional services to the normal removal service which will be discussed with customer by the removalist prior to them undertaking this work.

Any waste disposal fee will be charged to customer.

Usage of stairs, bigger trolleys will be additional to the quote.

There will be an extra charge if customer wants to get the services via Toll (unless otherwise stated in writing).


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